April 24, 2018           Bro Nathan Carpenter successfully gave back his EA exam

March 24, 2018         Bro Blake Rowell raised to sublime degree of Master Mason

March 13, 2018         Bro Guillaume Borrier initiated into the mysteries of Freemasonry (Pics)

February 27, 2018    Bro Eric Williams raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason

February 13, 2018    Bro Eric Williams & Bro Blake Rowell
successfully gave back their FC Exam

January 23, 2018       Bro Hunter Headley & Bro John
Gordon were initiated. (PIC1  PIC2)

January 9, 2018         Bro. Blake Rowell successfully gave his EA exam and was passed to Fellowcraft

October 24, 2017       Bro. Eric Johnson successfully gave his EA exam & Mr. Blake Rowell was initiated into Freemasonry

September 12, 2017    Bro. Alfred Everett was initiated into
Freemasonry (PICS)

May 23, 2017                 Bro. Cary Lewis is raised to Master Mason (PICS)

May 9th, 2017               Bro Cary Lewis gave back his FellowCraft exam