To demonstrate just how “worldwide” the brotherhood of Freemasonry is, Howard E. Palmes Lodge #917 started its Traveling Gavel program in June 2018 when WM Berry Freeman presented it to the Montauban Lodge in Montauban, France. We are tracking the travels of this gavel and hope that it will make it’s way around Europe and maybe one day eventually find it’s way back home in Mobile, AL.

Please send us an email to register the location of our gavel. Please include the date received, Lodge Name, Lodge Number (if applicable), City, Country, and a contact email address. And remember to please pass it along to the next Lodge when their representatives visit your lodge.

Where Is The Gavel Currently?
Loge n°361, La Bonne Foi, France

In the picture above: (Left to Right)
Worshipful Master Bro. Phillip Jauffret
Worshipful Master Bro Berry Freeman
Prov Grand Master Bro. Christian Bonzi


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Lodges our Gavel has traveled to: